Chase Bank is founded at the boom of economic progress in the Kenyan economy.


The bank opened for business

The bank officially opened for business, ready to be a part of Kenyans' lives and develop banking relationships that work.


Turnaround to profitability within 15 months.

Chase Bank manages a turnaround to profitability within 15 months after establishment.

Chase Bank makes its mark with an industry ranking of 44 as a reliable Bank, and a decision is made to move the bank from Kisumu to Nairobi.


Balance Sheet crosses KES 0.5Bn.

The Chase Bank balance Sheet crosses KES 0.5Bn, indicating growth in the bank's efficiency.


Embark on the SME Strategy.

Chase Bank embarks on a strategy to grow the emerging SME economy of Kenya..


Branch Network Grows from 2 to 6.

The Bank expands its wings to spread across the country, from 2 branches to six while the shareholders' funds crosses to KES 0.5Bn. By this time, Chase Bank's customer base had grown past 5,000, with a staff list of 40 employees.


Balance Sheet crosses KES 35Bn

Chase Bank expands business by opening up a 20th branch, just after receiving an industry ranking of 15, making it one of the most trusted names in the banking business, having grown its balance sheet past KES 35Bn, general customer deposits from all branches past KES 20Bn, and a staff payroll of over 300 employees.

This point in the growth of Chase Bank earned the bank a USD 10m line of credit from DEG as it becomes the first commercial bank to invest into a Deposit Taking Microfinance arm, Rafiki DTM.


Customer Deposits cross KES 35Bn.

In the good spirit of caring for the girl child, Chase Bank enters a partnership with Zanaa Africa to distribute sanitary pads to schoolgirls, which would go a long way in ensuring easy learning for the students. This, just as it customer base grows past 15,000 and the staff past 500.

Also, in good spirit, Chase Bank enters a partnership with AMREF to reduce maternal mortality by training 15,000 midwives in Africa, while its customer deposits cross KES 35Bn.

In the same year, Chase Bank opens up a 24th branch to help serve its customers better, while it enters a partnership with Post Bank for Agency banking.


Number of branches crosses 30.

By this time, Chase Bank has spread its tentacles across the country by having over 30 branches, all aimed at serving the customer and keeping the good relationship between the bank and the customer above every other priority, attracting a customer deposit of over KES 50Bn. At this point the Chase Bank balance sheet reflects over KES 75Bn as its PAT crosses KES 1.5Bn and the Shareholder funds cross KES 7Bn.

While the numbers for the company grow for the better, the company as well expands by having over 1000 members of staff, meaning more job opportunities for Kenyans. Other remarkable steps in the growth of Chase Bank in 2013 include the acquisition of a minority stake by DEG, Respons Ability & Amethis; the Chase Groups' Foundation Walk records going past 1, 500 participants; the partnership with Naivas & Airtel to provide pre-paid card facilities and the launch of Chase Express units to increase accessibility to customers.


Launch of award winning mobile app - Mfukoni.

This year Zafrullah Khan gets appointed as Chairman , Duncan Kabui appointed Group MD and Paul Njaga appointed CEO of Chase Bank while the expansion grows to over 40 branches nationwide, and the bank has over 1,500 employees on its payroll.

While Chase Bank receives an industry ranking of 12, its customer base crosses 100, 000 and deposits past KES 75Bn, resulting in Chase Bank's balance sheet to shoot up past KES 100Bn.

But the numbers don't stop there. In 2014, Chase Bank's shareholder funds crossed KES 11Bn and the PAT crossed KES 2Bn.

Also, IFC became the 8th international Debt Capital Provider in the Chase Group while the bank partners with AMIRAN to provide Agri-SMEs with access to finance Launch of award winning mobile app - Mfukoni and the launch of Aspire Retail bundle services.